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Locum Doctor Jobs & Recruitment in the UK

Locum Doctor Jobs & Recruitment in the UK

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Whether you are searching for your first position or already an experienced medical professional, we can help you find a well-paid, rewarding role in our catalogue of doctors’ jobs.
Our esteemed team of recruitment consultants here at Your World Healthcare can aid in placing you in either the private sector or in one of over 260 NHS trusts. We can offer some of the finest available positions in the country, covering: anaesthetics, A&E, pathology, surgical, endoscopy and medical at all grades including SHO, registrar, SPR and consultant level.

What is a Locum Doctor?

A locum doctor is a healthcare professional who maintains and restores human health by assessing, diagnosing and treating illness and injury. Their role within the medical profession is to provide primary care to patients and, if necessary, to refer them to more specialised healthcare providers.
Doctors’ jobs will often require them to draw on extensive and wide-ranging knowledge, and those in the role may usually choose to specialise in certain diseases, patients or types of treatment. 
A doctor’s day will be hugely varied, with no two days the same, as each shift is tailored to their patients. Doctors will examine patients, make a diagnosis and prescribe medicine or recommend treatment. However, they may also be called upon to carry out minor surgery. 
Excellent communication skills are a must for those considering a post as a locum doctor, as liaising with patients and colleagues is an integral part of the job. Doctors must have a caring nature and a genuine desire to help people, as well as the ability to put people at ease and win their confidence. Doctors will also need leadership and management skills and the ability to work under pressure and make quick decisions. 
Doctors will usually start out at medical school and to get a place, good A-level grades are needed. Graduates will then go on to do a foundation programme (a compulsory two-year training period). Senior House Officer (SHO) and Specialist Registrar (SpR) grades are now combined in the Specialty Registrar (StR) grade, and professionals will take on run-through speciality training after the foundation programme or core training.

What Does a Locum Doctor Earn?

Junior hospital trainees will earn a basic starting salary of £22,636, which will increase in the second year to £28,076. Specialising in one particular area may bring about opportunities to earn a higher salary. Anaesthetists, for example, will start on just above £30,000, and doctors in the speciality doctor grade (including surgeons) can earn anywhere between £37,000 and £69,000. Meanwhile, consultants can earn a basic salary of upwards of £75,249. If you’re unsure about whether you want to move into this area, locum doctors’ jobs could also be an option.

Locum doctors’ jobs

If you’re unsure about which area to specialise in or where to base yourself, or simply would like a break from training, you could consider locum work. This is particularly suitable for consultants, speciality doctors and GPs who prefer flexible working and the benefits that come with being self-employed. Locum doctors’ jobs give professionals the opportunity to work when and where they choose, so they’re able to enjoy a more varied working life and experience different working practices before deciding where to take up a permanent role. 
Some positions, such as Locum Appointments for Training (LATs) may even count towards your qualification. However, the benefits of locum doctor work must be weighed up against the fact that professionals aren’t entitled to sick pay and other benefits including a pension and specific maternity packages. You will also have to keep your own accounts as you will essentially be your own boss.