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Non-Clinical Jobs & Recruitment

Non-Clinical Jobs & Recruitment

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As one of the leading recruitment agencies in the UK for healthcare and medical administration jobs, we can offer you a whole variety of vacancies suited to your skills and needs.

With roles available in the private sector and the NHS on both a permanent, temporary or contract basis, our medical and healthcare specialist consultants pride themselves on finding a range of vacancies for high-calibre candidates in clerical jobs in London, Manchester and the rest of the UK.

Non-Clinical workers, within both the NHS and private health sector, play a pivotal role in the everyday running of a hospital, surgery or healthcare centre.

Although these roles have no medical responsibilities, non-clinical jobs within healthcare come with a wide range of important duties to ensure patients’ welfare, from running individual departments to managing and updating appointments and patient records. These workers are also tasked with promoting the services, values and beliefs of the institution, to instil confidence in the general public.

The working environment for an non-clinical employee is dependent on a range of factors, such as whether they are connected to a specific department in a hospital, a GP practice or within an office environment. Generally speaking, daily tasks can cover:

  • Signing patients in and out of the hospital or practice
  • Undertaking hospital administrative work
  • Ensuring all central patient records are correct and up-to-date
  • Setting meetings and appointments for patients and healthcare staff
  • Producing documentation and reports
  • Providing doctors and nurses with necessary support

For non-clinical jobs, you must have at least five GCSEs. However, the requirements will vary depending on the position you are applying for. For some roles, you may have to take a test to demonstrate computer skills and IT competency. Personal traits that are seen as beneficial for such a role include:

  • Being organised
  • Excellent time management
  • Being passionate about assisting those in need
  • High level of attention to detail

Salaries begin at around £12,000 and, with experience, can rise upwards of £20,000 per annum. A working week for an non-clinical worker within the healthcare sector can be between 35 – 40 hours per week, although days and hours may vary depending on the location.

Depending on your situation, undertaking a locum based role may be more beneficial to your career, as it will allow you to gain experience in a wide variety of environments.

Locum non-clinical jobs

If you currently work within the healthcare sector in an non-clinical job  and want to gain experience in other areas, a locum role may be suitable. Hospitals, healthcare centres and both doctors and GPs surgeries can become chaotic at peak times of the year – in the winter months, for example – so additional staff to help with paperwork and dealing with patients may be required.

With a locum non-clinical job comes the ability to be your own boss – allowing for much more flexibility in the hours you choose to work. As you won’t be on a fixed contract, you are not tied down to a full working week. However, you need to be aware that a locum role does not bring with it a fixed income, nor the additional benefits of holiday, sick or pension payments. 

Audio Typist

Non-Clinical St Helens temporary £8 PAYE or £9.30 Umbrella per hour

Your World Healthcare is currently recruiting a Audio Typist based in St Helens on a temporary basis.

Ref: YW-QmLb | Posted: 23rd Aug, 2017 | Closing Date: 28th Aug, 2017

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Payroll Operational Manager

Non-Clinical Preston temporary £18.50 - £24.39

Your World Healthcare is currently recruiting a Payroll Operational Manager based in Preston on a temporary basis.

Ref: YW-Wmpk | Posted: 23rd Aug, 2017 | Closing Date: 01st Sep, 2017

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Band 3 NHS HR Administrator

Non-Clinical Southampton temporary £10.00 (Umbrella) or £9.00 per hour (PAYE)

Your World Healthcare is currently recruiting a Band 3 NHS HR Administrator based in Southampton on a temporary basis.

Ref: YW-Gz4Q | Posted: 22nd Aug, 2017 | Closing Date: 10th Oct, 2017

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Band 3 Administrator / Call Handler

Non-Clinical Norwich contract £10.00 per hour umbrella or £9.00 per hour paye depending on experience

Your World Healthcare is currently recruiting a Band 3 Administrator / Call Handler based in Norwich on a contract basis.

Ref: YW-JJr6 | Posted: 22nd Aug, 2017 | Closing Date: 06th Oct, 2017

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HR Officer – Medical Staffing

Non-Clinical Leatherhead temporary £9.00 to £10.35 paye per hour plus Holiday pay or £10.35 to £11.50 umbrella per hour depending on sk

Your World Healthcare is currently recruiting a HR Officer – Medical Staffing based in Leatherhead on a temporary basis.

Ref: YW-KJ8Q | Posted: 22nd Aug, 2017 | Closing Date: 31st Aug, 2017

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