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Non-Clinical Jobs & Recruitment

Non-Clinical Jobs & Recruitment

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Although they may not be professions with direct medical responsibilities, non-clinical jobs are crucial for ensuring patient welfare in the healthcare sector.

From the operating theatre to the GP’s reception, non-clinical roles ensure that the administration of patient records, the managing of schedules and general running of the medical facility goes smoothly behind the scenes.

The team at Your World Healthcare knows that every non-clinical career is different, and the required knowledge and skill sets can be widely varied. Search through our UK-wide roles in the NHS as well as the private sector, and find your perfect role today.

What does non-clinical mean?

A non-clinical job is a role in the healthcare sector that does not involve administering medicine, and is not directly involved in diagnosis and treatment processes.

Non-clinical jobs are essential to a multitude of departments in a hospital or healthcare centre. These administrative roles could see you working in any department in a hospital, from Radiography and Oncology departments to Accident and Emergency.

Non-clinical positions involve managing and updating patient records, organising surgical schedules, and generally being the face of the healthcare centre. You can find non-clinical roles in a hospital, a GP surgery, or in a main reception or office. Your responsibilities as a professional will also change depending on whether you are connected to a specific department, in a healthcare clinic or within a back-office environment.

Job titles in this sector include summarisers, who read code and relevant information from clinical records and translate them onto computer systems, as well as receptionists, administrators and secretaries.

Non-clinical roles are of vital importance in the healthcare sector. Having accurate and updated records on hand could mean the difference between swift progression of treatment and days of uncertainty for seriously unwell patients. These roles also enable medical staff to be more efficient in how they handle patients. Possessing the correct information when they are making check-ups ensures a proper diagnosis can be made.

What are non-clinical skills?

You need to have a varied skill set to work in a non-clinical job in the healthcare sector.

You should not only possess exceptional organisational skills to deal with the administrative side of the role, but also have excellent people skills. Dealing with ill people and their families at a difficult time in their lives can be a rewarding challenge, and requires effective communication and compassion.

On a practical level, attention to detail and time management are also essential. Some roles may require computer and IT training, and you may be tested on your skills upon application, or be required to show relevant qualifications.

Non-clinical roles in the health sector

There are lots of things to consider if you’re thinking about starting or progressing a non-clinical job in the healthcare sector.

For an administrative role, you may need to obtain a minimum of five GCSEs (although this will vary depending on the position you’re applying for).

With Your World Healthcare, you can search non-clinical roles in the NHS as well as private health sector. Across the industry, salaries begin at around £12,000 per annum and can increase to more than £20,000.

You can expect to be working between 35-40 hours in a full-time position. Hours for these roles do vary between location and department.

Locum non-clinical jobs allow you to fit your career around your lifestyle, with much more flexibility in the way you work. This means you can help hospitals and healthcare centres at critical periods during the year. Locum roles also provide you with the opportunity to try your hand in departments that require different skills, improving your own skill set at the same time. There are factors to consider such as not having a fixed income or holiday pay, but some enjoy the fact that locum roles aren’t as constraining as permanent contracts.

Find locum, full-time and part-time roles that really make a difference in the healthcare sector with Your World Healthcare. Search for positions across the UK and find the perfect career to suit you.

Medical EMIS Web Receptionist

Non-Clinical Cheshunt contract £10 PAYE Holiday inclusive per hour

Your World Healthcare is currently recruiting a Medical EMIS Web Receptionist based in Cheshunt on a contract basis.

Ref: YW-80Lor | Posted: 26th Oct, 2021 | Closing Date: 10th Dec, 2021

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Medical Receptionist

Non-Clinical Ashford temporary £10 PAYE Holiday inclusive per hour

Your World Healthcare is currently recruiting a Medical Receptionist based in Ashford on a temporary basis.

Ref: YW-5KW83 | Posted: 26th Oct, 2021 | Closing Date: 10th Dec, 2021

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Non-Clinical Bury temporary £10.09 paye inclusive of holiday pay

Your World Healthcare is currently recruiting a Chef based in Bury on a temporary basis.

Ref: YW-dgwj4 | Posted: 26th Oct, 2021 | Closing Date: 10th Dec, 2021

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Non-Clinical Chelmsford temporary £9.99 PAYE hol inclusive per hour (Mon-Fri), £11 PAYE Hol Inc per hour (Saturdays), £13.60 PAYE Hol

Your World Healthcare is currently recruiting a Cleaner based in Chelmsford on a temporary basis.

Ref: YW-yrWJa | Posted: 26th Oct, 2021 | Closing Date: 10th Dec, 2021

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Receptionist – Mental Health

Non-Clinical High Wycombe temporary £11.30 PAYE inclusive of holiday or £12.50 Umbrella per hour

Your World Healthcare is currently recruiting a Receptionist – Mental Health based in High Wycombe on a temporary basis.

Ref: YW-aLwnz | Posted: 25th Oct, 2021 | Closing Date: 09th Dec, 2021

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