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Nursing Jobs & Recruitment in the UK

Nursing Jobs & Recruitment in the UK

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Your World Healthcare has the pick of acute nursing jobs for candidates, with our specialist recruitment consultants having established a reputation for placing high-calibre candidates in a variety of healthcare acute nursing jobs.

As the UK’s leading supplier of acute nurses, we have nursing jobs for our candidates in a diverse range of sectors, including: general, ITU, theatres, A&E, midwifery and renal vacancies. We have placed our candidates in jobs throughout the NHS and private sector across the UK, on either a locum or permanent basis.  

What is a Nurse?

Forming the largest staff roster in the NHS, nurses are an essential part of both the patient care team and the wider healthcare system. There are nursing jobs available in a wide range of specialisations, skillsets and working environments. Nurses can not only be found working as part of the care team on site or at a patient's home, but as a vital part of the medical team in Accident and Emergency or surgery.

As with any healthcare profession, nurses need a range of skills to provide the proper care for their patients. These demands will vary according to their role and position – for example, the needs of an elderly patient with a severe illness are different from those of a young child with a broken bone. 

With a constant high demand for nursing jobs within both the NHS and private sector, there are a variety of specialised areas a nurse can go into as they progress through their career, including:

  • Children's nurses
  • School nurses
  • District nurses
  • Neonatal nurses
  • Learning and disability

Your daily tasks will vary depending on the field you decide to move towards. Throughout your employment you will have the opportunity to train and develop your skillset, so you are capable of working in a range of roles. Salaries are banded according to both your role and your years of experience.

To be eligible to move into a nursing job, you need to have a relevant university degree and be registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC). Previously, a diploma would have been sufficient qualification, but this has now changed.
Although securing a fixed-term nursing job may seem the best option, taking on a locum nursing position is also worth considering if your circumstances allow it.

What Does a Nurse Earn?

As with many healthcare professions, nurse jobs will pay differently depending on the band or experience of the individual. The highest paid nursing positions can pay over £95,000 a year. A registered nurse just starting a career would typically start on around £21,000 per year.

Locum Nursing jobs

The prospect of being your own boss and working as and when you please appeals to many healthcare professionals – and nursing jobs are no exception. The demand for nurses in care homes and hospitals is higher than ever, so a locum nursing job could be an excellent career choice. Working in such a role provides experience in a wide range of environments and conditions, something which would stand you in good stead when applying for a full-time position in the future.

Just bear in mind that choosing a locum position has to suit your circumstances. Such a role will not offer the benefits of a fixed position – you won’t be able to claim for sick pay, holiday pay, and paternity/maternity leave or be eligible for a company pension. 

A+E Nurse

Nursing Warwick temporary £40.00

This position will interest anyone who is passionate about Nursing , are a Band 5 Nurse and are available to start on 05/03/2021 !

Ref: YW-zmxdl | Posted: 05th Mar, 2021 | Closing Date: 23rd Apr, 2021

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A+E Nurse

Nursing Dudley temporary £44.00

If you're an outgoing Band 5 Accident & Emergency , Your World Healthcare has a temporary role in Dudley that you won't want to miss!

Ref: YW-ZgZkE | Posted: 05th Mar, 2021 | Closing Date: 23rd Apr, 2021

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Acute Medical Unit

Nursing Birmingham contract £34.00

Your World Healthcare is looking for a Band 5 Acute medical care for patients that have presented as medical emergencies to hospitals or who have developed an acute medical illness while in hospital who can bring exceptional skills to our client in Birmingham by taking on an unmissable contract role.

Ref: YW-Xqebz | Posted: 05th Mar, 2021 | Closing Date: 23rd Apr, 2021

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Emergency Department

Nursing Nuneaton temporary £40.00

Your thrilling Nursing career starts here! Get ready to start on 05/03/2021 on a temporary basis.

Ref: YW-eGnWe | Posted: 05th Mar, 2021 | Closing Date: 23rd Apr, 2021

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A+E Nurse

Nursing Warwick temporary £40.00

Your World Healthcare is seeking a highly motivated Band 5 Accident & Emergency to be part of an established team in Warwick on a temporary basis.

Ref: YW-4gaka | Posted: 05th Mar, 2021 | Closing Date: 23rd Apr, 2021

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