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Occupational Health

Occupational Health

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Your World Healthcare is a leading supplier of Occupational Health jobs throughout the United Kingdom. With hundreds of roles available in both the NHS and private sector, we provide outstanding choice and customer service to our candidates.

What is Occupational Health?

An occupational health team is responsible for the health and well-being of staff members at work, both physically and mentally; this is why occupational health can fall into two categories: Health Surveillance and Sickness Absence Management. 

An important aspect of occupational Health jobs is to ensure that proper health & wellbeing is maintained by reducing any risk in the workplace.

Why is occupational health important?

Did you know that over 170 million working days are lost due to sickness? When an employee is ill, their duties must be covered by another member of staff, which can put significant strain on a department, particularly within a healthcare setting.

This is where occupational health jobs are needed. The team will work towards reducing the number of sick days taken and alleviate any pressure on an NHS or private healthcare department.

Occupational health jobs salary

According to the average pay scales, Occupational Health Nursing jobs can pay an average of up to £28,000 - £32,000 per year whereas qualified Occupational Health Advisor jobs can pay between £36,000 - £42,000 per year. Other positions within the Occupational Health field include:

  • Occupational health technician jobs
  • Occupational health manager jobs
  • Occupational health physician jobs
  • Medical director jobs

Jobs in occupational health

Your World has a specialist team of consultants, who focus solely on the recruitment of occupational health professionals into NHS and private sector healthcare settings throughout the UK. Contact us today to find out more about our non-clinical services today.