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Occupational Therapy Jobs & Recruitment in the UK

Occupational Therapy Jobs & Recruitment in the UK

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Your World Healthcare are Occupational Therapy recruitment specialists offering OT jobs, whether you are looking for a recruitment role for an Occupational Therapist, Hand Therapist, Wheelchair Therapist or any other Occupational Therapy recruitment profession, Your World Healthcare have OT roles across all Occupational Therapy job titles, grades, settings and industries. Your World Healthcare can help you find the perfect OT role. Our vacancies offer you the best choice and rates of pay – making us number one in the UK for Occupational Therapy locum and permanent jobs.

Your World Healthcare have OT jobs across the UK with Occupational Therapy jobs available on either a locum or permanent basis, as an Occupational Therapy agency.

Your World Healthcare is a specialist Occupational Therapy agency, so please see our latest Occupational Therapy jobs below:

What is an Occupational Therapist?

Occupational therapists assess and treat patients with physical or psychiatric ailments, to reduce the risk of disability and to help them live their lives as normally as possible. Working with clients of all ages and backgrounds, occupational therapy jobs are some of the most rewarding within the health sector, as you work closely with patients to return them to an independent lifestyle.

Whether the disability stems from a recent accident, a psychological or physical illness or is due to ageing, occupational therapists can help clients overcome the effects using a variety of techniques, exercises and equipment. The role requires the healthcare professional to work with their clients to ensure their end goal is achieved, and there is scope to develop your skillset and move into different specialised positions.

As well as working within the hospital, the role can extend to the wider community – including patients’ homes and local GP surgeries, prisons, schools and nursing homes – wherever therapy is required. The treatment for each client will differ, and may involve:

  • Paediatrics
  • Mental health services
  • Learning and disability

Responsibilities can also include:

  • Research papers
  • Care management
  • Organising equipment for patients’ homes

To qualify for occupational therapy jobs, you must pass an accredited degree at university. Here, you will learn both the theoretical aspect of the profession and gain first-hand experience through placements. Completing the degree will also give you registration to the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) – a must for any occupational therapist.

What Does an Occupational Therapist Earn?

The salary for a prospective occupational therapist starts at £21,692, rising to £34,876 depending on experience and specialisation. A senior therapist can earn in the region of £41,000 per annum.

With demand for occupational therapists greater than ever, choosing a locum role may be a useful way to gain experience in a wider range of conditions, environments and patients.

Locum Occupational Therapy jobs

For those looking for greater flexibility, the ability to be your own boss and the prospect of increasing your income, locum occupational therapy jobs may be a valid option. Taking a role on a locum basis allows you to build up experience in a variety of occupational therapy jobs, as well as learn more about the different hospital or working environments you may come across in full-time employment.

Although you would not be able to claim for the additional benefits associated with a fixed role (such as pension, sick pay and holiday pay), there is a huge demand for locum employees within both the NHS and private sector to help fill any potential shortages. With LATs (Locum Appointments for Training) also counting towards your qualifications, there has never been a better time to consider taking an occupational therapy role on a locum basis. 

Locum Band 6 Intermediate Care and Rehabilitation Occupational Therapist

Occupational Therapy Birmingham contract £24.00 - £25.00

Your World Healthcare is currently recruiting a Locum Band 6 Intermediate Care and Rehabilitation Occupational Therapist in Birmingham on a temporary or full time basis.

Ref: YW-0gv5 | Posted: 22nd Feb, 2019 | Closing Date: 12th Apr, 2019

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Locum Band Acute Elderly Care and Rehabilitation Occupational Therapist

Occupational Therapy St Ives contract £23.50 - £25.00

Are you an experienced Acute Occupational Therapist looking to progress your career further and take on new, exciting challenges within an outstanding healthcare environment? Read on for more information about this unmissable contract role in St Ives.

Ref: YW-Rw1l | Posted: 22nd Feb, 2019 | Closing Date: 12th Apr, 2019

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Part Time Occupational Therapist Locum Needed In Hertfordshire

Occupational Therapy St Albans contract TBC

Your World Healthcare is looking for an experienced Band 6 community rehab to work within an outstanding hospital in St Albans on a contract basis.

Ref: YW-Mq12 | Posted: 22nd Feb, 2019 | Closing Date: 08th Apr, 2019

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Children's Community Community Occupational Therapist Needed In Canterbury

Occupational Therapy Canterbury contract TBC

If you're a Band 6 community paediatrics looking for an exciting new role in Canterbury, Your World Healthcare can help! We currently have an unmissable contract role available.

Ref: YW-vQJ8 | Posted: 22nd Feb, 2019 | Closing Date: 08th Apr, 2019

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Acute Occupational Therapist Needed In Basildon

Occupational Therapy Basildon contract TBC

Are you a Band 6 acute medical with UK experience and a desire to take on a new challenge? Your World Healthcare has a fantastic contract vacancy in Basildon!

Ref: YW-dwD6 | Posted: 22nd Feb, 2019 | Closing Date: 08th Apr, 2019

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