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Pharmacist Jobs & Recruitment in the UK

Pharmacist Jobs & Recruitment in the UK

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As one of the leading pharmacy recruitment agencies and the UK’s number one supplier of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians, Your World Healthcare can offer candidates an excellent choice when it comes to choosing a job, as well as the best rates of pay.

Our specialist pharmacy recruitment consultants have a recognised standing with employers for placing strong, quality candidates in a variety of positions throughout the UK. We have placed candidates in pharmacy jobs throughout the NHS and private sector, specialising in both hospital and community vacancies on both a locum and a permanent basis.  

What is a Pharmacist?

A pharmacist offers expert help and advice on the correct dosage and usage of medicinal products. As well as providing fellow healthcare professionals with information regarding the benefits and effects of any drug or medicine, a pharmacist will also advise patients on how to manage their treatments to ensure the best outcome. Pharmacy jobs offer great progression and development, as well as opportunities to specialise in specific medical areas. 

The day-to-day requirements of pharmacy jobs vary depending on where you are based. For example, a hospital pharmacist may be expected to:

  • Visit patients on the wards to see how their treatments are progressing
  • Advise staff on the usage and dosages for specific drugs
  • Purchase, run quality checks and distribute medicines within the hospital
  • Create treatments by mixing drugs or medicines

A community pharmacist would be more likely to:

  • Offer expert healthcare advice to the local area
  • Prepare and sell prescriptions over the counter
  • Educate customers on how to use the medicinal products
  • Visit local care/nursing homes to see patients and deliver prescriptions
  • Ensure the correct stock levels for drugs and medicines

For either of these pharmacist jobs, you must have studied an approved four-year Masters of Pharmacy degree, undertaken a 12-month training course in pharmacy and passed the registration exam. Additional training is available on the job to aid development. Regarding personal skills, you will need to be able to understand and care for patients from all backgrounds and circumstances. 

What Does a Pharmacist Earn?

When first registered, a pharmacist in the NHS will start on £21,692 per annum, while an experienced professional can earn up to £34,876 and specialised pharmacists can earn towards £81,618. 

Although many choose to work on a fixed-term contract within the health sector, there is always a need for pharmacists to work on a locum basis.  

Locum Pharmacy jobs

If you are looking for pharmacist jobs that allow you to be much more flexible with your working hours whilst giving you the opportunity to be your own boss, locum pharmacy jobs could be the perfect route. Taking a locum position can be highly beneficial, depending on your current circumstances and commitments, as you tailor your working life to your own needs. They can also count towards your pharmacy qualifications through LATs (Locum Appointments for Training), whilst giving you valuable experience working under different conditions in a variety of environments. 

Despite the benefits of a locum role within the pharmacy position, there are aspects which may not suit your situation. You would not be eligible to enter a company work pension, nor would you be able to claim any payment for any time off you may need – for example sick, holiday or maternity/paternity pay. 


Pharmacy Hull full time £30

Your World Healthcare is looking for a Band 7 pharmacist with experience working on Wards - Dispensary for a full time role within a Hospital in Hull.

Ref: YW-2pmd1 | Posted: 29th May, 2020 | Closing Date: 13th Jul, 2020

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Pharmacy Technician

Pharmacy Hull contract £20

Are you an experienced Band 5 pharmacy technician that is a qualified ACT looking to further your career? Your World Healthcare has a brilliant contract opportunity for you within a Hull-based Hospital.

Ref: YW-3qMYm | Posted: 29th May, 2020 | Closing Date: 13th Jul, 2020

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Clinical Pharmacist

Pharmacy Central London contract £30 - £33/hour

If you’re looking for an exciting career in Pharmacy and are an experienced Band 7 clinical pharmacist, come and join the exciting wards in Central London on a contract basis.

Ref: YW-5KMz2 | Posted: 29th May, 2020 | Closing Date: 13th Jul, 2020

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Aseptic Pharmacist

Pharmacy Central London contract £30 - £33/hour

Are you a Band 7 aseptic pharmacist looking for a thrilling career part of an experienced team? Based in Central London, this contract role is perfect for a motivated aseptic pharmacist individual.

Ref: YW-YP9G1 | Posted: 29th May, 2020 | Closing Date: 13th Jul, 2020

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Oncology Pharmacist

Pharmacy Central London contract £30 - £33/hour

Your World Healthcare is looking for a Band 7 oncology pharmacist for a contract role within a hospital in Central London.

Ref: YW-o50yj | Posted: 29th May, 2020 | Closing Date: 13th Jul, 2020

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