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Sterile Services Jobs & Recruitment in the UK

Sterile Services Jobs & Recruitment in the UK

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Your World offers a wide range of Sterile Services positions for multiple healthcare organisations throughout the UK. 

What is a Sterile Services Technician?

Sterile Services Technicians ensure that all reusable medical and surgical instruments from wards, clinics or theatres are clean and sterile for reuse during patient procedures.

A CSSD technician (Central Sterile Services Department) will collect, disassemble, disinfect and reassemble medical equipment, which is then delivered back to the appropriate department within the hospital.

The instruments sterilised within the CSSD include:

  • Endoscopes
  • Scalpel handles
  • Artery forceps
  • Orthopaedic drills
  • Dental instruments
  • Medical devices used in surgery

Sterilization NHS jobs may also include the restocking of items such as dressings, needles and syringe supplies.

As sterile services jobs involve the sterilisation of surgical instruments, it is essential that CSSD Technicians have strong attention to detail and can be quick as well as precise during decontamination.

What Does a Sterile Service Technician Earn?

Sterile Services Technicians can expect to earn between £15,250 and £18,000 at the start of their career. On gaining more experience, they have the potential to earn up to £22,500.

Sterile Services roles tend to be shift-based, which means that technicians could work any time of the 24hour day, on any day of the week. This style of working appeals to those who prefer a more flexible schedule.

Locum Sterile Service Technician Jobs

Working locum sterile services shifts with Your World is perfect if you want to build a career that caters to your personal schedule. It’s also a great way to experience multiple areas of the sector; you may find yourself working on the wards during one shift and within theatres the next.

Locum NHS sterile services jobs provide you with the opportunity to be your own boss, as opposed to working a stricter set of hours under full-time employment. Bear in mind that locum CSSD Technicians do not earn sick or holiday pay, will not be entered into a workplace pension scheme, and will not be covered for any maternity/paternity leave. 

Your World Sterile Services

Your World Healthcare has multiple CSSD positions within the NHS and UK private sector. Our dedicated Consultants provide an expert, friendly service and are qualified to source sterile services jobs that precisely match your career requirements.

To find out more about our sterile services positions in the UK, contact our Team on 020 7220 0825 or email us at [email protected]