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10 Things You’ll Understand if You Work the Night Shift

03rd Aug, 2017

10 Things You’ll Understand if You Work the Night Shift

1) You’re constantly comparing yourself to a zombie or a vampire.

Nurses are like zombies after night shifts


2) Your bed is your favourite place in the world.

Seeing your bed after a night shift


3) You totally lose all awareness of time!

When you don't know if tomorrow means today or tomorrow


4) You moan about working the night shift but then complain when you get put on days.

Going from night shift to day shift


5) No one knows tiredness like you do!

 When someone who works days says they're tired


6) You find the silliest of things funny but that’s often what keeps you going!

When you're tired and find everything funny


7) You start your shift looking fabulous, but no amount of makeup is going to help you towards the end of the night.

How rough you look at the end of a night shift


8) Regular coffee just isn’t an option any more - neither is sticking to one cup!

When regular coffee isn't enough

9) You pick up on what the dayshifters have missed, but somehow get blamed for everything!

Everything is your fault when you work the night shift


10) After a while, you secretly enjoy working nights and wouldn’t change a thing.

I love night shifts


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